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Top 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Seville, Spain

Top 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Seville, Spain

I am a totally ice cream obsessed, and that's an understatement. For every city that I have lived in or visited, it has been my top priority to check out all of the best ice cream shops. I worked at an ice cream shop when I was in high school and college. The ice cream aisle at my local grocery store is my happy place. For my birthday, I never request a regular cake, but for me, an ice cream cake is where it’s at. I frequently make my own ice cream at home and own several of the top Amazon rated ice cream and gelato cookbooks. Good thing I am not lactose intolerant….

Seville has some fantastic ice cream shops. Even though it is embarrassing to admit, I've visited them all. Somebody had to do it! After lots of sampling and testing, I’ve made a list of the top 5 ice cream shops in Seville that I know you will love, as well as some runner-ups. I'm confident that they are the very best. They are not listed in any particular order. 

Rayas Ice Cream_City Nibbler_Seville

Helados Rayas

Traditional flavors done well, with a smooth and creamy texture - this is Helados Rayas. You won’t be disappointed here. They are always busy, which leads to great product turn around, assuring you that you are always enjoying a freshly made batch. They change their flavors on a regular basis making it fun to pop in here and there to see what new flavors are available. We live only a couple of blocks from the Calle Almte. Apodaca location which is a blessing and a curse. We come here way too often! My two-year old son, Jimmy, knows exactly where it is at, and points and cries to go there every time we pass it. He’s obsessed with ice cream just like his Mama. I often walk the back way when we are headed out, just to avoid passing the shop so my son won’t see it! 

This location is nice because if you have little ones in tow, there is a great playground right across the street at Plaza Cristo de Burgos that they can play at while you sit on a bench and relax. We like to get our ice cream and walk over to the park and eat it while Jimmy plays. He calls it the, “Ice Cream Park.” If you want to take a stroll while you enjoy your ice cream, this shop is a 2-minute walk from the famous Plaza de la Encarnacion. This plaza holds the famous wooden structure called, Las Setas, that is a must see when in Seville. 

My Flavor Pick

My husband loves the classic Nocciolosa flavor (Nutella). I prefer the Napolitana, a cookie butter ice cream with lots of crushed up buttery cookies mixed throughout. When asked what type of ice cream he wants, Jimmy always requests, “white” or “red," so we get him Nata (milk and sugar based) or a berry sorbet of some kind. Go check it out!

There are two locations- Calle Almte. Apodaca & Calle San Pablo

Puro & Bio_City Nibbler_May 2018

Puro & Bio

If eating organically is important to you, then this is your ice cream shop. Puro & Bio is not only 100% organic, but it is 100% delicious as well. The ice cream is fresh and creamy, and every bit of it is made from high-end ingredients with so much love. They have an amazing fruit sorbet selection that is so refreshing and flavorful. They also sell five different vegan flavors made from rice milk that stand up to the non-vegan flavors in taste and creaminess. Everything is so well done and thought out. The end product really is amazing. 

You can’t get a better location than this ice cream shop. It is located right along the Rivera de Guadalquivir, with beautiful views of Triana. It’s fun to get your ice cream and sit outside on the tables in the sun, people watching, and soaking in all that Seville has to offer. If you’re getting hungry, there are some notable restaurants and bars along the same street that are especially hoppin’ in the evenings. If you want to get closer to the water, head on down the stairs or ramps, and take a closer look. There are several boat cruises that leave from there that would be a fun way to see the city. 

My Flavor Pick

I honestly loved every flavor that I tried! The Viola flavor (White Chocolate Raspberry) was stellar and so was the raspberry sorbet. My husband loved the Nube, (Raspberry Cheesecake). I guess we like raspberry! The vanilla was interesting. It didn’t really taste like a traditional vanilla. If I didn’t know what I was eating, I would of thought it was a sugar cookie dough flavored ice cream with lemon zest, but it was yummy nonetheless.

There is only one location- Local 2, Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, 9

Créeme, Trust Me, Ice Cream_City Nibbler_Seville

Créeme (Trust Me, Ice Cream)

If you want a small, family-owned ice cream shop that is bursting with incredible flavor and love, this is your place. The owner was born and raised in Andalusia and is a true family man. He makes all the ice cream himself and calls them, “his babies.” I love how some of the flavor descriptions state where the ingredients in the ice cream are from, as well as tell a little story about the name of the flavor. They change their flavors daily. The thing that stands out most for me is the homemade cones. Créeme has the best cones in all of Seville; made fresh everyday by hand. The ice cream is good enough on its own but when you mix it with one of these cones, it’s stellar. The name is true – you can definitely trust this ice cream shop! 

This shop is located right across from Plaza del Museo, a quiet little area to sit and relax. We like to get our ice cream and eat it in the plaza while Jimmy, runs around and chases pigeons by the giant eye-catching trees. There is a cute little antique shop right next door called, Antigüedades el Museo that is fun to stroll through and look at.

My Flavor Pick

The flavor called, Mi Niña (Homemade Biscuit with Chocolate and Hazelnut), is so delicious I could eat it and die happy. The strawberry sorbet tastes like you are eating the actual fruit in ice cream form. My husband loves the Naranja De Mi Niña, which is a fresh orange sorbet with chocolate chunks. They make a fabulous vanilla as well. 

There is only one location- Pl. de Museo, 2

Grazie Mill Ice Cream_City Nibbler_Seville
Plaza de Alfalfa_City Nibbler_May 2018

Grazie Mille Gelaterie

This little ice cream shop hit me by surprise with its deliciousness. We had passed this shop so many times without noticing that it even existed. It’s so small and unassuming, easy to be missed. We finally tried it and it is amazing! If you want creamy, soft and smooth ice cream with delicious flavors, this shop is for you. They don’t have a large amount of flavor choices, but the ones that they do have are so good that it doesn’t matter – quality over quantity. They give great portion sizes and add a mini upside down ice cream cone on the side that makes your treat look even more appealing. I heard once from someone that you know you’ve found a good ice cream shop when they have a fantastic vanilla flavored ice cream. If someone can’t make a good vanilla then what chances do they have on making any other good flavors? Vanilla is so simple. Well, Grazie Mille has an AMAZING vanilla!

This shop is in a fabulous location of Seville. There really is so much to do here. One of my son’s favorite playgrounds is right next to Grazie Mille in Plaza de Alfalfa. He calls it the, “Shapes Park,” because of the metal shapes that he can glide and manipulate down a zigzagged metal pole. It’s a great place to sit and relax and people watch. Watch out for the pigeon droppings! If you are hungry for a traditional Spanish tapa, go to Bar Alfalfa, just to the right of this ice cream shop. I love the old Spanish décor inside. It makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time. 

My Flavor Pick

The Cremina flavor blew me away. It is a Nutella/ Kinder candy bar flavor with a beautiful cream layer on top. The Crema Canela was also a top choice. It reminded me of a creamy cinnamon Horchata. The Snickers flavor was great too! Jimmy loved the “white ice cream.” Like I said, their vanilla can’t be beat! 

There is only one location- Calle Odreros

Giolatto Ice Cream_City Nibbler_Seville


This ice cream shop is just north of Puro & Bio. Though their fruit sorbet selection is low, they have one of the best “chocolate-ty” ice cream flavor selections around. Check out the edible cup that they make. It’s like an ice cream cone but in a cup shape that is then lined with different kinds of chocolate and ice cream toppings. Have a birthday coming up? Grab an ice cream cake from this shop. They make beautiful ones, and I’m guessing they are quite tasty as well. If you prefer soft serve frozen yogurt, they’ve got that too. They also make something that I will definitely be back to try called, “The Freakshake.” It’s an Instagram worthy milkshake that looks too good to eat. Do you have any food allergies? This shop has you covered. They make several special flavors that take into account gluten, sugar, lactose, and egg allergies. Something else to mention – they have a new surprise flavor each day that they call, “Reccomendation del Heladeria.” It is a flavor combination that they come up with each day, and it’s always something new and different. So fun! 

This shop is directly across from the bridge to Triana called, Puente de Isabell II. If you have the time, go on a nice walk over the bridge while you eat your ice cream, and explore a bit. That part of Triana is very charming and worth a look. It would be a great place “to get lost in,” roaming around through the shops and narrow streets. The Triana Market is located right there by the bridge and even though it is quite expensive for groceries, it is fun environment to stroll through.

My Flavor Pick

I love the Bueno Kinder Bar flavor with loads of Nutella spread throughout. The Cookie gelato was amazing as well, and I also loved the Cremino. I got mine in a cute little edible cup, lined with white chocolate. 

There is only one location- Calle Reyes Católicos, 19

Giolatto_City Nibbler_May 2018


La Fiorentina Heladeria

This ice cream shop was very close to making the top 5 but didn’t quite make the cut for me. They are known for their crazy odd Spanish flavors that are very creative and different than anything you’ve tasted before. Unfortunately, sometimes they get a bit too creative for my taste and the ice cream really isn’t that good. I end up sampling so many flavors and never know what to order in the end because I didn’t really love any of them. It’s also hard to find a flavor that Jimmy will even eat. Some of their flavors that stand out are- Chocolate con Chile y Arándanos (Chocolate with Chili and Blueberries), Indian Cream which is a curry flavored ice cream, Flor de Azahar (Orange Blossom), Tarta de Manzana (Apple Cake), and Crema Mediterraneo (Olive Oil, Saffron and Chocolate). It is fun to sample all of these, but I just can’t get excited about eating a whole scoop of curry ice cream. You know? If you are in the area and want to try something different and fun, then I would say, give it a go! It’s fun to try out once! When I do go, I like the Dulce de Torrijas flavor as well as the Crème Vaticana (Blueberry Cream). 


If you want a classic and thick ice cream, Bolas is a good choice. They use high-end ingredients and make their ice cream in small batches, which guarantees quick product turn around and freshness. But, it didn’t make the list of top 5 best ice cream shops in Seville. Why? It is missing the “wow” factor. After I sampled several flavors, I really didn’t care to order an ice cream cone of my own. There weren’t any flavors that stood out or grabbed my attention that I had to have more of. I was a little bored. I also don’t like how there are three locations in Seville, which makes me feel like they are moving more towards a chain-like company. With that said, they do make delicious fruit sorbets and if you are around a Bolas in the intense summer afternoon heat, it wouldn’t be an awful choice to snag a scoop of their lemon-mint sorbet. But, the top 5 ice cream shops are definitely better. 


There are a bazillion Amorinos in Seville. While they ARE super delicious, and all natural, it didn’t make my top 5. It is a bit too “non-local” for my liking. It’s sadly become the Starbucks of ice cream here in Seville. It makes me feel like I am not in Spain when they speak perfect English to me as I approach the counter. Also, they have become kind of pushy when it comes to including a macaron with your order. However, if you don’t find yourself near one of the top 5, get your ice cream at Amorino in a cone. They build it into a beautiful flower design that is totally Instagrammable, and the macaron does add a nice touch for photos. Their fruit flavors are very good. If you have never tried Amorino before and you are near the Cathedral on a hot summer day, it is worth a visit. I would definitely prefer Amorino over some of the other local ice cream shops that are low in quality. Often times the ones that sell more things than ice cream are a no-go. If you’ve been to Amorino before somewhere else along your travels, then I would recommend trying out one of my top 5 instead of another visit to Amorino. 

Jimmy Ice Cream_City Nibbler_Córdaba

Other Ice Cream Shops I Have Visited That Didn’t Make the Cut

  • La Abuela- This popular tourist trap is very artificial tasting, freezer burned, and has a low product turn around because they have too many flavors. Complete pass. 
  • Freskura- This is an okay choice if you’re in that area and aren’t near the top 5, but otherwise, it’s not worth all the hype. 
  • Porto Bello- Near Freskura. Don’t waste your time or calories. 
  • Ice Wave- This type of rolled ice cream is a quirky fad. It might be fun to go once, especially if you have children with you, but the ice cream quality is very low. 
  • Ferretti- Fake and artificial tasting. Find somewhere else.   
  • Heladeria Chocolate y Limón- A tourist trap right in the middle of Santa Cruz- the most popular touristy area in Seville. However, they do sell jams made from the convents in Seville, so if you didn’t get a chance to go convent hunting, you could pick up some jam on your way out, here!
  • Heladeria Turroneria Los Valencianos- This is a very old classic ice cream shop, but unfortunately I was very disappointed. The flavors were freezer burned and tasted anything but fresh.  
  • Mascarpone- I love the name and the cheese, but this ice cream shop didn’t deliver in taste. 
  • Heladeria Villar- Don’t waste your time, even after reading all the raving reviews. 

And now that I'm 5 pounds heavier, there you have it! My top 5 Ice Cream Shops in Seville. So tell me! What is your favorite ice cream shop in Seville? Where do you like to get your ice cream fix? Comment below! I’d love to talk ice cream with you.

(This post is completely unsolicited. Everything is my own opinion from my own experiences in Seville.)

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