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Junk Boat in Hong Kong – Family Travel Experience

When you’re visiting Hong Kong, rent a junk boat and sail around the southern coast and among the islands. It’s the best way to see Hong Kong, even if you’re traveling with kids. It costs $700 - $1200 per person, usually with a minimum person rule. Visit the local fishing villages to eat fresh seafood and have a local experience.

Fez, Morocco – A Look Inside The Medina

The Fez medina is the largest medina in all of Morocco. Each entrance has a large archway, blue on the outside and green on the inside. Within the medina you will see camel heads, goat heads, a food market, homeless cats, leather products, ceramics, and many more treasures for purchase. Drink some freshly squeezed orange juice and embrace the culture of Fez.

Camp – My Favorite Toy Store in Manhattan

Camp is a fun new toy store that just opened near Union Square in Manhattan. It has a secret door that opens up into a hidden “summer camp” with lots of fun things for kids to participate in. The theme is constantly changing. Inspired by two people who fell in love at summer camp, this place is great to take the kids, and buy a toy or two.

Ralph's Coffee – Upper East Side, New York City

Ralph’s Coffee opened today, December 6th 2018, at the Ralph Lauren women’s flagship store on Madison Ave, Upper East Side Manhattan. They serve organic coffee beans roasted by La Colombe, delicious espresso drinks, and baked goods. Enjoy beautiful holiday decorations in an inviting and cozy setting celebrating the Ralph Lauren brand’s 50th anniversary.