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Moroccan Handicraft Tours – Fez and Tétouan Morocco

Moroccan handicrafts are made by hand using traditional tools and methods to create them from scratch. Visit the Mosaïque Et Poterie De Fes in Fez and the Royal Artisan School with Green Olive Arts in Tétouan to learn more about how these products are made from start to finish. Buy some for yourself to take home, but don’t forget to haggle.

Fez, Morocco – A Look Inside The Medina

The Fez medina is the largest medina in all of Morocco. Each entrance has a large archway, blue on the outside and green on the inside. Within the medina you will see camel heads, goat heads, a food market, homeless cats, leather products, ceramics, and many more treasures for purchase. Drink some freshly squeezed orange juice and embrace the culture of Fez.